Officer Kangaroos Junior Football Club Sponsors and Business Partners

The OKJFC is grateful to all the businesses and individuals that contribute financially or with their expertise and time to help our club.  We have a number of ways you can become a business partner.  We acknowledge all these people as best we can across our website, social media and at The Club.

Please contact Gareth (0418 381 579) by phone or email

Award Sponsors

Businesses can supply awards which provide encouragement and to reward our players.  Each week each team will present match day awards to their players.  This can be a great way to give your business exposure to our players, families and supporters.

Business Partners

We have a number of individuals and businesses that provide our club with goods or services at significantly discounted prices or entirely free of charge.

Club Sponsors

These businesses or individuals contribute financially to The Club.  We have several levels that include Team Sponsors, Business Sponsors & Major Sponsors.

Click the file below for all the detail on our Sponsorship and Partnership packages for 2021.

OKJFC Sponsorship Packages 2021 New