Officer Kangaroos JFC 2018 Parents Survey

The committee of the Officer Kangaroos JFC is cordially inviting its parents of children from all age groups to participate in a club wide survey.  We hope that the feedback provided by our parents will let us know what we are doing well, and let us know in what areas where we may need to improve in.

There are four surveys, feel free to complete one or all four of them.  They are run by survey monkey and are available to complete online for two weeks from Wednesday 28 November through until Wednesday 12 December.

** We have extended the collection period another week until Friday 21 December **

If you have more than one child at the Club, it is entirely up to you to complete the survey(s) once incorporating all of your children or you can elect to complete the survey(s) for each child.  Both parents are welcome to complete the survey(s) separately as well.

The responses and any additional feedback provided will remain anonymous (unless you place your name in a comments box).  The data will be collated and a report will be presented to the general committee at the January meeting.

The subjects are:

Survey 1: “The Club” click here to complete

Survey 2: The Academy click here to complete

Survey 3: Communication click here to complete

Survey 4: Events and Sponsorship click here to complete

Should you have any questions about this survey, contact